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Food Industry Conveyor Belt Metal Detector with Factory Price

Industrial metal detector for food safety inspection, with alarming and auto-rejector

Technical Parameter
ProductFood, noodles, vegetable, meat, seafood etc.
PackingNo package
Product sizeMax size: (200*150*40 mm L*W*H)
Product weightMax 50g
Machine specificationNormal machine
Detection Width(mm)200
Detection Height (mm)50
Detection SensitivityFe(Φmm)≥ 0.5mm
Non-Fe(Φmm)≥ 1.0mm
304Sus(Φmm)≥ 1.5mm
Alarm and rejector systemAlarming with automtic rejector
Product storageCan storage 100 different kinds of products
Machine structureStainless steel 304
Machine size (mm)L1330mm×W780mm×H1005mm (customized)
Machine weightAround 280KG
Voltage and power220V 50Hz, 220W
Capacity60 pcs/min
Height from the earth750mm+50 mm (customized)
Note: the above sensitivity parameters are the test results when the machine is empty without environmental interference, the actual application will be slightly different due to the interference of the use of the environment and the component factors of the detected object! Aluminum foil packaging products can not be tested.

Technical Drawing (Unit: mm)

Technical Drawing  (Unit: mm)



●Intelligent and humanized design, easy disassembly & installation & cleaning.

●Adjustable speed: variable frequency control motor

●Product preset: 100 kinds

●Belt conveyer is complied with the American food sanitation standard (FDA), it can be used for transporting the unpacked food directly.

●Dual-channel and dual-frequency detecting to detect Fe and non-ferrous metals like stainless steel respectively.

●Alarming: sound and light alarming, conveyor stop and automatic rejector for choice.


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