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Fish weight sorting machine solution - Dahang

Apr. 13, 2021

Dahang provides fish weight sorting machines with various structures and sorting methods for the fish industry, we can customize professional solutions based on automatic weighing and sorting technology according to the needs of customers.


Dahang’ Solution of automatic weighing and sorting machine for fish products  
   The fish weight sorting machine can realize the automatic sorting of fish products into multiple specifications according to the weight, and realize the integration of fast weighing and automatic sorting.

Fish weight sorting machine.jpg

Belt type fish weight sorting machine  
   ·Application: belt fish weight sorting machine is suitable for automatic weighing and sorting of whole fish products both fresh and frozen, with high sorting fluency and strong stability.


Main application types of fish weight sorting machine

·Automatic weighing and grading of fresh aquatic fish, such as bass, pomfret, hairtail, tilapia, Spanish mackerel, etc;

·Automatic weighing and sorting of the whole frozen fish, suitable for multi-level weight sorting of all kinds of frozen / frozen fish products;

·Fish fillets, fish pieces processing products weighing classification, all kinds of fish segmentation processing products automatic weighing sorting specifications

Fish weight sorting machine case.jpg 

Fish weight sorting machine, five times more efficient than manual operation, improve the standardization and accuracy of various specifications of products, enhance product market competitiveness and premium ability, it’s definitely your wise choice!

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