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Oyster automatic sorting machine's application in oyster Market

Apr. 28, 2021

    Small and medium-sized production workshop assembly line mass production of raw oysters, small enterprises generally through the market to buy oysters for centralized processing, from cleaning, sorting, packaging, to the sales market! In order to get better quality of raw oyster processing products, Dahang company has improved the production process automation assembly line production and processing technology, and specially developed a machine suitable for oyster sorting according to the weight, collectively known as weight sorting machine, including the structural design and application of oyster cleaning machine!

    Oyster automatic sorting machine, also known as sorting scale, is a kind of integrated software control based on product weight principle and embedded industrial control computer. It will automatically weigh and measure the net weight of the unit oyster through the weighing platform. At the same time, the weight value of the unit oyster will be displayed on the display screen, and then it will be sorted to the corresponding weight level box through the swing arm automatic sorting lever, For the back of the package to reduce manual weighing, manual sorting of cumbersome processing procedures.

Oyster automatic sorting machine's application

    Oyster automatic sorting machine is specially designed for oyster farmers, oyster processing enterprises, independent weighing module. The structure of the whole machine is divided into three sections: the first is the speed matching section. The mechanical structure of this section is mainly to speed up the unit products and pave the way for the second section of automatic weighing to carry out weight weighing speed, weight precision and weight sorting speed. The best of the three is the best solution provided by our company for you; In the third section, the boxes are sorted according to the weight. Under the control of the CNC computer online automatic weighing system software, individual oysters are sorted one by one to the corresponding weight level through the swing arm paddle, which is convenient for manual packaging, packaging and sales, and improves the market competitiveness for product quality and brand.

    Oyster culture is generally centralized or regional. In the process of harvesting, due to the large output, it is necessary to clean a single oyster and select the weight according to the weight, so as to provide different weight grades of oysters for different customers or distribution markets. We Guangdong Dahang weight sorter can do it!

    At the beginning of 2021, Dahang customized a oyster weight sorter for an oyster processing enterprise in South Africa. The equipment mainly classifies the weight of a large number of oysters with different weights, which is convenient for secondary quantitative packaging. The individual units of oysters are uniform, and the product distribution channels are more refined!   

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