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Aluminum ingot sorting machine


        Aluminum ingot sorting machine, high speed, high precision, achieve efficient dynamic weighing, automatically divided into multiple levels according to the weight, truly unattended.

Video of Aluminum ingot sorting machine

        Dahang provides customers with weight sorting machine solutions, which are mainly used for automatic sorting of abalone, oyster, fish, whole chicken and duck, American ginseng, hardware industrial products, etc.

Weight sorter application.png
Weight sorter application

        Dahang has complete intellectual property rights of weight classifier and 16 years of industry-leading application cases and experience accumulation, which help enterprises quickly enter the era of automatic production, realize fine production control and management, continuously reduce production costs and enhance market competitiveness.

        Dahang can provide users with professional customized services of automatic feeding mechanism, automatic lifting conveyor, automatic counting and packing equipment, metal detector and other equipment.

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