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DH online dynamic weighing and sorting machine , which is mainly used to products through labour production lines. It can weigh the continuing running products with different weights and sort them into different grade in accordance with the weight preset. With this function, our machine can provide customers with effective solution for reducing cost and improving market competitve

DH 400 series weight sorting machine is using for products with small size, particually for products with length up t 200mm, including:


  - seafood : Sea cucumber, Abalone, Jelly Fish head, Crayfish, Hairy crab, Shripm, Prawn, Scallop, Clam, Mussel

  - Chicken Parts: Chicken drumstick, Chicken feet, Chicken wing, Chicken chest

  - Raw and Frozen materials: Maca, Pseudo-Ginseng, American Ginseng, Gineseng, Ligusticum

  - Nutraceutical products

  - Non-food products  

Model number DHSW-400x200
Max Weighing capacity1-5000g
Weighing range1g~ 5000g
Minimum graduation1g
Sorting   speed ( Max.)120-150 pcs/min. 
Weighing accuracy±1g
Weighing  sensorDouble-beam load cell (high output)
Product dimensions (mm)20mm ~ 200mm
10mm ~ 200mm
10 ~ 280 MM
Weighing conveyor speed100 m/min. 
Weighing conveyor size 400mm*200mm(LxW)
Operation panel 8 inch touch screen 
Body SUS 304 
Construction Waterproof : IP65 (International standard)
Rejecting devicePusher, Swing arm , Audible alarming 
Power supplySingle phase AC100v/220V/380V, 50HZ/60HZ

 . SUS 304 BODY

.  High accuracy load cell  German HBM

. Automatic Zero -tracking

. 8 inch touch screen interface

. 100 products preset

. Pusher , Swing arms rejecting device

. IP 67 / IP 65 constructure

Online dynamic weighing &automated sorting equipment, which is mainly used for products through labour production lines, it can weight and sorting the continuing running products with the different weights into the different groups in accordance with the preset weight .  

  • Model:DHSW-700x300

  • Model:DHWS-400*200

  • Model:DHWS-500*300

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