DHWS-400*200 series

DHWS-400 series weight sorting machines is particularly using for products with length up to 200mm, including :

   - Precious seafood: Sea cucumber , Abalone, Jelly fish head

   - Shellfish: Oyster, Scallop, Clam, Mussel

  - Aquatic products: Hairy crab, Crayfish

  - Chicken part: Chicken feet, Chicken drumstick, Chicken chest....

 Main Technical parameters

      - Weighing capacity  500g and sorting speed : 120pcs/min

      - Weighing accuracy: ±0.5g

       - High stable and accurate  HBM Germany load cell

       - 304 SUS, Polishing body 

       - 8 inch touch screen interface

      - 100 products storage

      -   USB data output


  • Model:DHSW-400x200

  • Model:DHSW-400x300

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