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    1. Applications
    This machine is used for various irregular shape products semi-automatic quantitative  weight-matching packaging like fruit ,vegetables ,fish slice ,fish, chicken, drumstick, chicken wings etc.

    2. Parameters

    2.1Weighing Unit (Weighing conveyor belt) Parameters
    Weighing conveyor belt: 14 
    Weighing Belt Size: 300x150mm
    Weight Range: 5g~2kg
    Accuracy: ±2g

    Matching speed: 30-40 packages/min

    2.2Machine Parameters
    Display: 14.1 inch color touch screen
    Controls system: Embedded System
    Water Proof: IP65
    Power: 220V, 50/60HZ, 1KW
    Material: SUS304

    Air Resource: 5~7kg/cm²
    Combination weight range: ±5g~8kg

    3. Feature
    Operation easy, large industry touch screen.
    Two combinations optional
    -- Combination by Weight/Quantiry:

    -- Combination by Quantity and Weight: When specific disc weight reaching the setting weight , then combination.

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  • Model:DHCW-400*150

    Model number DHCW-400X150
    Weighing capacity1000g
    Weighing range2g~ 1000g
    Minimum graduation0.01g
    Sorting   speed ( Max.)180 pcs/min. 
    Weighing accuracy±0.2g-1g
    Weighing  sensorDouble-beam load cell (high output)
    Product dimensions (mm)Length20mm ~ 200mm
    Width10mm ~ 150mm
    Height10 ~ 280 MM
    Weighing conveyor speed100m/min. 
    Weighing conveyor size 400(L)mm *150(w)mm
    Operation panel 8 inch touch screen 
    Body  SUS 304  
    ConstructionStandard : IP30 (International standard)
    Waterproof : IP65 (International standard)
    Rejecting deviceAir jet, Pusher, Swing arm , Audible alarming 
    Power supplySingle phase AC100v/220V/380V, 50HZ/60HZ

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  • Model:DHMD-300A


  • Model:DHSW-400x300

  • Model:DHCW-600X400


    DHCW-600*400 series checkweigher are suitable for heavy box and bags packages. They could embed in a variety of production lines and conveyors, check the weight of each product individually and compare with preset standard weight, automatically reject overweight/underweight products with alarming.

    Technical parameters

    Weighing capacity: 50kg

    Sorting speed: 60 pcs/min

    Loadcell: HBM Germany

    Material: 304 SUS, Polishing

    Waterproof: IP 65

    Display: 8/15 inches LCD touch screen

    Rejecting system: Flipper rejector

    Product storage: 40 products

    Communication protocol: RS232/485, USB port

    Power Supply: AC100V ~ 120V, AC200V ~ 240V; 50Hz/60Hz

  • Model:DHCW-500*300



    Weighing capacity


    Weighing accuracy


    Weighing speed

    120 pcs/min

    Weighing belt size 

    L500*W300 mm

     Applicable product size

    Max L300*W250 mm

    Weighing direction

    Customized according to the usting needs

    Weighing sensor

    Original Germany HBM 

    Control system

    Dahang (Independent R & D)

    Operation display

    8 inches touch screen

    Belt conveyor

    Food grade PU belt

    Power supply

    Single phase AC220-240V, 50/60Hz (customized)


    304 SUS304, polishing




    1. Humanized structure design, convenient for customers to operate and clean

    2. 100 sets of product parameters seting and stored, and can be freely switched according to the using requirements

    3. Reliable and stable weighing & control system

    4. Rejection method: flapper, pushing and sliding

    5. Weighing data output: RS232/485, USB interface, wireless data transmission, local area network station management platform, cloud platform

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  • Model:DHCW-300*80

  • Model:DHCW-800*600

  • Model:DHCW-400*200

  • Model:DHCW-700*500

  • Model:DHCW-600*400

    checking range 20g-50kg
    Weighing Accuracy ±10-20g
    Mininum Scale0.01g
    Weighing speed 60-80pcs/min
    suitable proudcts Carton packaging products 
    Weighing belt size600mmX400mm(LxW)
    Max being checked product dia.400mmX400mm (LxW), height is customized 
    machine diamensioncustomized 
    Conveyor directionFrom left to right / From right to left 
    Operation platform8" Touch Screen
    Control moduleGerman HBM
    Product preset 100 pcs 
    Reject device Pusher / Swing arm/ Drop down/ Audial Alarming 
    Body costructure SUS 304 , Polishing 
    Weight belt PU/PVC 
    Power supply Single phase AC110v  /  220v / 380v , 50Hz/60Hz
    Operating requirement Teperature: 0-40C Humility: 30%- 95%

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